In the heart of every restaurant

R_keeper product modules for the restaurant business
  • Cash station provides operational activities
    Point of sale station allows to provide high-quality service to guests and to control all the staff's actions.
  • Mobile waiter app for fast and accurate order taking
    An app for the waiter's smartphone replaces a paper notebook and allows to take an order right at the table. Reduces order taking time, which is especially important during the peak hours.
  • Always up-to-date menu and special offers
    A convenient solution for displaying menu, seasonal promotions and commercials. Increases the number of impulse purchases of priority dishes. Flexible content management — a modern alternative to printed materials.
  • Electronic cashier — self-service kiosk
    Guests order and pay for their orders themselves.
  • Electronic queue — a screen in the pick-up area with order status
    Electronic queue-a screen in the delivery area with statuses for orders.
Management and reporting
  • Restaurant Management
    The manager's station allows you to quickly set up a cash station for serving guests, manage staff access to cash operations and receive reports on key restaurant performance indicators.
  • Warehouse accounting — management of production/kitchen/warehouse, costs and procurement
    The module fully automates production management and allows to effectively manage costs, organize procurement and control staff.
  • Stocktaking and accounting on a mobile device
    Improves warehouse efficiency by reducing time required for invoices creation and stocktaking.
  • Accounting module for kitchen with a user-friendly interface
    The module is installed on a tablet in the cooking area. Replaces manual production reports and simplifies production accounting.
  • Order visualization system for kitchen
    Increases the speed of dish preparation, helps to keep track of slowdowns and faults in the preparation process.
  • Delivery module at the checkout of the institution
    Automation of food delivery from accepting an order to its handling to a guest.
  • Mobile application for couriers
    An application for a smartphone (Android) that allows the delivery courier to take orders, calculate the time and route of delivery taking into account traffic jams, quickly contact the guest if necessary, and is also a convenient tool for monitoring the efficiency of couriers.
  • Module for processing online orders from restaurant's website
    Module for processing online orders from restaurant's website.

r_keeper has everything for:

  • Transparent business processes
  • Detailed analytics
  • Efficient operation of restaurant's hall and kitchen
  • Quick scaling of business
  • Increase guest loyalty and attract new customers
  • Automation of warehouse accounting
  • Online remote control of restaurant's operations
  • Convenient interaction with employees
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Product features

R_keeper product modules for the restaurant business
  • Why automate a restaurant?
    According to statistics, every third restaurant does not live up to two years, and every sixth restaurant closes during the first twelve months. Lack of control over sales is the most common reason for restaurant closure during the first 3-6 months. Using the right automation system allows to save up to 50% of money and increases restaurant's revenue by 30%.

  • Well-coordinated work and rejection of routine
    R_keeper makes the work of cooks and waiters more accurate and eliminates common human mistakes. Guest will not have to wait an extra half hour due to waiter's forgetfulness — r_keeper automatically passes an order to the kitchen and informs when the dish can be taken out to the hall. StoreHouse accounting module allows to manage deliveries more efficiently, monitor balances and write offs of ingredients, and is also an indispensable assistant to the accountant.

  • Accurate analytics and convenient reporting
    What products should be discounted? Which seasonal dishes should be included in the main menu? Should we hire additional staff? Accurate numbers are needed to make right management decisions. Reports and detailed analysis of key indicators are available to users of r_keeper fr om anywhere in the world (wh ere there is an Internet connection). With r_keeper analytics manager can quickly get a complete and up-to-date overlook of restaurant’s work.

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