r_keeper CashDesk
Cash station provides operational activities

r_keeper Cash Desk

Benefits for the business

Point of sale station allows to provide high-quality service to guests and to control all the staff's actions.
  • Convenient and intuitive menu, formed by categories of dishes
  • Flexible configuration of menu buttons and function keys to maximize speed of service
  • Support of mixed payment (cash, non-cash, bonuses, coupons, food stamps)
  • Support of loyalty discounts, promotions and bonuses, available by cards or phone numbers
  • Sale of dishes using electronic scales and barcode scanner connected to the cash station
  • Create stop-lists and limit the number of available dishes
  • Multilingual interface, support of cashier's individual preferences
  • Automatic reminders about additional sales and tips for cashiers
  • Card payment module
  • Monitoring of staff working hours
  • Staff awards and penalties (automatic and manual)
  • Reports on financial indicators
  • Acceptance and management of orders for delivery
  • Exchange of information messages between restaurant’s hall and other departments: kitchen, bar and office
  • Display of sale goals to stimulate sales growth (by amounts, number of bills, specific dishes). Ability to determine cashier's KPI and bonuses.
  • USAIS module is included
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