Software was specially designed to meet the specific needs of entertainment industry, and it provides you with an opportunity to turn a visitor into a regular customer
Its purpose is to replace tokens with plastic cards, upgrading your business and attracting more customers.

The complete system features fully integrated applications for entertainment facilities, which delivers management control, customer information, prize shops monitoring, overall enterprise maintenance. Installing the full UCS Game-Keeper system allows you to find new ways of attracting customers by employing game controllers, turnstiles, information kiosks, integrated cash stations, and to provide enjoyable experience for customers.
Try out our system to find its flexibility, allowing you to create your own offers and loyalty schemes. Your special offers can be created by enabling certain functions that would be on during a particular period of time, for a particular guest. Easy-to-use and user friendly program will bring no difficulties while setting the functions.

Comprehensive control of information flow. The risk of losing control over information flow you receive daily is less than minimal. System's applications integrate operating of facilities, helping you to stay in absolute control of your business. 
Convenience, with two balances on one card available. Have prize coupons deposited on your balance along with game points. To refill the balance and purchase, apply to R-Keeper and Game-Keeper interfaces.
Protected cards, ensuring information safety. Information, kept on the plastic cards, is protected against violation according to the highest safety standards, accepted worldwide.

On-line monitoring. View real-time status of your Game Machines and Rides (free, in use, disabled, etc.), get current statistics (amount of games carried out, points lost, etc). Information is displayed on the hall's scheme, which is created and modified in the program.


Control access to the playgrounds and any other facility of your entertainment center, apply charges for time via the system and enjoy its effectiveness

Full integration with R-Keeper. Integrating the two programs brings in a single pay card, that can be used in any entertainment facility of the center, like bowling, playground, restaurant, and more.

Cashless payments. Let your guests enjoy the simplicity of cashless payments, and forget about the necessity to carry along large amount of money, running the risk to lose it.
OLAP-reports. On Line Analytical Process (OLAP) is a new technology designed for you to create your own reports, analyzing only those parameters that you are interested in, regardless of the standard form of the reports. Amount of possible reports is limitless.