Large-scale international HoReCa and Retail Show – Sirha Budapest

February, 7

Large-scale international HoReCa and Retail Show –  Sirha Budapest expo took place in Budapest Congress expo center on February 4-6, 2020.  

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Leaders of hospitality industry, the best international experts, goods and services suppliers and, of course , automation system manufacturers have been performed at this expo. Our dealers – UCS RKeepeR Ltd. company were marked not only as the brightest and the most modern company at the event, they also attracted lots of visitors and customers to their booth by speaking to everyone in detail about solutions for automation of business.

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We are proud of good work of our dealers and taking part in such significant events which help to develop the entire industry and be able to keep oneself up –to- date of the latest actual events by promoting r_keeper at international level. 

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