UCS Software Solutions at Baku State University

November, 12

Thanks to the work of dealers from Azerbaijan  the UCS Original company, the professional r_keeper software was installed in the dining rooms of the University of Baku, with the aim of quickly and efficiently serving students and teachers of all faculties of the university. 

Baku State University is the establishment of higher professional education in Azerbaijan, which is the very first higher educational establishment in the country with its own history.  The university is located in 4 buildings, which also includes a library and a sports ground.  The university has a publishing house for the publication of scientific papers and various literature.

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The main task of the faculties of Baku State University is vocational training in priority areas of economic development, production, social disciplines.  Among the specialties: journalism, theology, psychology, oriental studies, international relations, geology, chemistry, biology, ecology, physics, applied mathematics and cybernetics and many others.  Much attention is paid to the principles of organization of the educational process: modern technology, democracy, fundamentality.

The educational process uses the Azerbaijani and Russian languages.  Since 2011,   for a number of specialties the main language of instruction is English  in order to integrate into the system of European education and increase academic mobility of students.  There are also a number of faculties of Baku State University with the Russian language.

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An indicator of the university’s work is, first of all, the level of success of its graduates.  Over the years, the university has trained many well-known experts in the field of science, entrepreneurship, politics, culture.

To date, the university has more than 1300 teachers, the vast majority of whom have a degree and title, including 250 doctors of science, and the number of students is more than 22 thousand people.

This year the university marks its 100th anniversary. The educational establishment  as well as the kitchen and dining rooms of the educational establishment have been updated and refurbished by the anniversary.

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Modern software r_keeper_7 was installed thanks to the integrated work of Dealers from Baku - the UCS Original company. The service speed has increased, the process of obtaining reports for conducting work analytics has been simplified with the help of the system r_keeper_7.

The project was implemented promptly: 10 cash stations were connected in a week in the main dining rooms, and the remaining 5 stations will be installed in the lobby of the main buildings.

7.jpeg 5.jpeg

Automation of accounting and warehouse is carried out by the StoreHouse software module in the educational establishment. StoreHouse software module allows you to fully control the consumption of products, effectively manage production costs, properly organize purchases and monitor staff actions.  The module also significantly facilitates the work of the accountant-calculator in the constant struggle against re-grading, as the system has convenient automatic substitution mechanisms and total control of all balances.

A module from r_keeper  Dashboard is used to view online analytics in the dining room.

Dealers of Baku the UCS Original  also installed the personal discount system r_keeper_PDS  a guest interaction management system designed to increase sales, develop marketing research and improve the quality of service. The program provides automation of all types of loyalty programs: discount, bonus and deposit, in any necessary combinations. 

In addition, Dealers the UCS Original conducted training sessions on the program. 

The acquisition of software by educational establishments allows us to improve business processes not only in the HoReCa industry, but also to cover other areas, which affects the positive dynamics of the automation market.