r_keeper maintains a unique atmosphere in the popular chain Black Star Burger in Baku

November, 12

Thanks to the work of dealers from Azerbaijan  the UCS Original company, the popular establishment with black burgers  Black Star Burger, was opened in center of Baku. As planned, automation has provided control and increased the speed of service with the help of a professional program  r_keeper_7. 

baku_blackstarburger_60970810_2407438606155568_7622721034033576000_n.jpg baku_blackstarburger_61294240_2165510023546187_224447091808374565_n.jpg

Now, “juicy and powerful burgers” have reached the capital of Azerbaijan. Each guest can taste the legendary burgers of various tastes, options and designs.

The menu remains unchanged, as in the entire restaurant chain. Guests will be presented with several options of burgers to choose from with different sauces, additives and toppings. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of vegetarian positions and halal dishes.

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A whole team worked on the creation of Burger Black Star, coming up with an unusual menu for visitors. First, the burgers recipe was tested for a long time. Then the peculiarity of serving dishes is black disposable gloves, in which the staff cooks and gives it to the guests. Due to the popularity of the creator of the establishment, the success was obvious  until now, the projects are very popular and the queue to try Timati's signature burger is not reduced.  

baku_blackstarburger_66496296_124873358780209_1428406699007041766_n.jpg baku_blackstarburger_65178763_2404443372948077_8144256792970368026_n.jpg 

Dealers of Baku the UCS Original company introduced VDU technology  an affordable and modern kitchen solution that allows the restaurant services interact quickly and increase the speed of guest service to ensure continuous operation and accept orders for everyone who wants to visit the burger joint. 

Thanks to VDU, the dishes entered into the order are immediately displayed on the screen, which is especially convenient for the fast food segment, when order execution should take a minimum of time. The r_keeper_7 program helps to provide fast service, efficiently allocate resources, minimize costs and increase the level of service.

baku_blackstarburger_71530985_106048600718239_3035065950525797171_n.jpg baku_blackstarburger_69972622_151521936090456_4043075803963749344_n.jpg

A feature of the project was the quick launch and installation of software in a short time, which allowed the establishment to open on time and receive a large number of visitors.

Thanks to the r_keeper_7 program and the necessary modules installed by Dealers of Baku the UCS Original company, the project goal had paid off: all the establishment’s processes were automated, the speed of guest service was increased, a high level of service was maintained, and full control over personnel work at all stages of work was observed.