Support of economy events: r_keeper at the St. Petersburg Economy forum

June, 21
Around 20 000 participants from 145 countries, 1300 foreign companies and 2 500 Russian companies – all that was part of St. Petersburg Economy forum.

XXII international economy forum at the St. Petersburg Congress hall center “Expo forum” took place from 6th till 8th of June in St. Petersburg. Over the past 23 years the forum has become the largest global forum.
Many representatives from various industries attended the Forum, even the President of Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin.  

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The main topic of the forum this year was stated as follows: “Forming the agenda of sustainable development”. The business program consisted of four blocks: “The World Economy in Search of Balance”, “The Russian Economy: Realizing the Goals of National Development”, “Technologies Approaching the Future”, “Man First”. In total, over 120 business events took place within the forum.

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The support of the event on a high level was provided by UCS dealers in St. Petersburg – “UCS SPB” company.
Dealers carried out a complex automation of restaurants and installed 31 stations for the fast acceptance of orders, quick service, ensuring control of the staff and increasing the speed of service for guests. Due to the implementation of the r_keeper program and the installation of the necessary equipment, the personnel of the establishments provided an individual approach to each guest, and the owners could receive up-to-date information and reports in a convenient way.

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Installation and presence of the r_keeper program at such events have a positive effect not only on the software product, but also provides an opportunity to declare themselves at the international level in the format of an economic forum.