UCS Solutions in Southeast Asia

March, 10
UCS Company helps to deliver exceptional customer service in different parts of the world. Our representative office in Laos has finished R-Keeper implementation in several local restaurants with different concepts and types of cuisine. Among them an Italian restaurant Acqua located in Vientiane which serves traditional Italian dishes along with gourmet meals. 

Joma Bakery Café, one of the famous cafe in Laos, that also has branches in Vietnam and Cambodia. 


A small boutique coffee shop called Le Trio Coffee, which is a unique and quality roasting company in Vientiane.

 LUX, a new restaurant in Laos, that serves European, Asian and fusion cuisines. 

The Pavilion & Romeo Club, another big restaurant and pub in Vientiane. 

The restaurant located in the Spirit Soccer Field sport center. 

All these establishments use R-Keeper system as a management tool to automate their business and meet customers’ expectations.