R-Keeper system in the restaurants of the biggest Vietnamese chain - Golden Gate Group

February, 3

Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam company, UCS company branch office in Vietnam, signed the contract with the biggest restaurant chain in Vietnam - Golden Gate Restaurant Group for the switching of all the restaurants in the group to the  united management with the help of up-to-date professional automation system R-Keeper v.7.

Golden Gate Restaurant Group was founded in November, 2005 and it is currently one of the leading chain operators in Vietnam, uniting 12 different concepts: Icook, Ashima, Kichi Kichi, SumoBBQ, Vuvuzela, iSushi, Ba Con Cuu, Pho ngon 37, Daruma, GoGi house, City Beer Station, Vinh Xanh.


Currently 80 restaurants all over the country work in Golden Gate Group. During 2015 they are planning to open 40 new restaurants. Then, from 20 to 30 new restaurants per year.  


10 restaurants in Golden Gate Group have already been switched to R-Keeper management system. On average, this transition is carried out at a rate of 6 restaurants per week, In each restaurant from 2 to 10 cash terminals are installed, report server and CRM module for loyalty programs.