r_keeper Delivery POS
r_keeper DeliveryPOS
Delivery module at the checkout of the institution

r_keeper Delivery POS

Benefits for the business

Automation of food delivery from accepting an order to its handling to a guest
  • Full delivery cycle support
  • Ability to deploy call center for a restaurant chain
  • Accept orders by phone, email or on a websit
  • Integration with PBX / PBX over SIP / http
  • Automatic selection of the restaurant closest to a delivery address
  • Support of loyalty programs and promotions
  • Multiple delivery addresses for a single customer
  • Place an order for specific date and time
  • Online order status monitoring
  • Online courier location monitoring
  • "ready" status with a number for a prepared order
  • Automatic printing of invoices when sending an order to production, convenient work with visit modifiers

Equipment costs optimization, staff recruitment and couriers’ fuel compensation in one solution

Delivery POS — easy order processing

Why so simple?

  • r_keeper Delivery POS interface is set up on a POS terminal
  • full delivery cycle can be supported by a single employee< / li>
  • instruments for functional distribution and creation of a call center for restaurant chain
  • consolidated reporting< / li>

Order acceptance< / b> < / p>

  • accept orders by phone, e-mail, mobile application or website
  • support for up-to-date stop lists
  • support of loyalty programs and delivery promotions based on client preferences

Order processing

  • order is sent to the kitchen
  • "ready" status with a number for a prepared order
  • assigning of a courier
  • monitoring of courier movements

r_keeper Delivery WebOrder

accept orders from website and mobile app
  • ready-made delivery website templates
  • online order payment on a website
  • support of discounts and bonuses
  • order history of each customer

r_keeper Delivery Agent

mobile app for delivery couriers
  • receives orders for delivery (manually / automatically) 
  • client quick call option
  • plans best route (with traffic jams) 
  • proof of delivery

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