r_keeper is a reliable software product that allows you to facilitate your restaurant business. Its scalable configuration can be adjusted to any type of enterprise, whether it is local, regional or global. With this universal information management system, operating of independent or chain property can be monitored and analyzed. All R-keeper solutions are integrated from the front of the restaurant to back office, to warehouse control, to cloud-based reporting.



  • Modularity: 21 modules allow you to meet the majority of your business challenges
  • Fast implementation
  • Information security
  • High system-fault tolerance
  • Minimum hardware requirements
  • Solutions for small as well as large chain of restaurants
  • r_keeper can work as a part of management system for cinemas, hotels, fitness clubs and stadiums

We provide an uninterrupted Technical support in different time zones

The heart of r_keeper — is two basic modules_Front è _Manager. They take all routine upon themselves and let your employees concentrate on working with the client. These modules are the minimum that you need to open a fast food restaurant.


_the present module allows you to provide your guests with fast and quality service, to control your employees and optimize their actions, especially for fast food restaurants where every second counts_>

  • visual and convenient menu, where food is categorized
  • flexible adjustment of the menu buttons and functional keys for most efficient customer service
  • mixed order payment (cash, non-cash payment, bonuses, coupons and meal vouchers
  • variable guest division sitting at the same table
  • individual approach to regular customers: card and phone number based discounts and bonuses
  • convenient way of working with current and future banquet orders, upcoming events reminders at a given time is included
  • food sales with the help of electronic scales and barcode scanner connected to the cash station
  • making stop-lists
  • flexible work with mixed dishes
  • individual language change for cashiers
  • automatic reminders and tips for cashiers
  • exchange of information messages between the dining hall and other units: kitchen, bar and office
  • individual language settings for a cashier
  • employee working hours tracking
  • automatic and non-automatic bonuses and fines
  • monitoring of meeting sales goals by waiters
  • fast reports on financial performance for the current day




_is a software which helps to adjust a cash station in order to work with a flow of customers, manage employees’ access to cash operations, provide the most necessary reports on restaurant’s work in time_>

  • flexible cash adjustment for quick and easy menu navigation
  • food price management, unlimited number of price options
  • discount rule formation and their work priority assignments
  • payment rules in accordance with the dishes and guest categories
  • employees’ power management while working at the cash desk
  • automatic and non-automatic bonuses and fines in accordance with conditions
  • numerous useful reports and indicators


_for restaurants with a team of waiters, it is important to maintain a high level of guest comfort. This module allows you to process orders quickly and accurately, reduce the number of errors and avoid crowds at the cash desk_>

  • order processing and transfer it to different units: bar, kitchen
  • easy to work with banquet orders
  • carrying food from one table to another
  • individual payment of the bill and check-splitting for the guests sitting at the same table
  • possibility to look at individual reports of every waiter (per sonal sales, bonuses and fines



_is an application for waiters, which replaces paper notebooks and allows to take order quickly and accurately. It guarantees to minimize the time spent on taking the order and to increase restaurant’s turnover by 10 % in peak hours. It is a full-featured waiter’s station.


  • increases the speed of service and of table turnover
  • waiters have current menu based on stop-lists at all times
  • order made by the table goes to the kitchen immediately
  • convenient payment – a waiter can take the payment using his device
  • possibility to work with regular guests’ cards by installing a special module


_is a bright and convenient solution for menus, seasonal offers and commercials display. It allows you to increase the number of impulse purchases of prioritized food. A great possibility to manage your content and a nice alternative to printed materials_>

  • bright screens are integrated in the cash system and display a current menu or commercials
  • the menu display is adjusted depending on particular conditions: breakfast in the morning and the main menu at noon. You can also customize a display of seasonal menu or a weekend menu
  • the menu and prices can be changed as often as necessary



_is an interactive display that is turned to the visitor and is fixed on the cash desk. The current order, recommended dishes, special offers and commercials are displayed there. Second screen is a smart solution to increase an average check and customer service speed_>

  • the customer can see dishes and prices on the screen, there is no need to spend time on rpeaing the order
  • dish recommendations depending on the current order guarantee additional sales
  • commercial demonstration, both your own offers and cross-promotion is an additional income from the advertisement sales


_ is a screen in the present area which shows order status. The customer doesn’t need to wait near the cash desk until their order is ready. They will be able to monitor the status of their order on the screen and avoid crowds in the present area.
It reduces the queue during rush hours in your restaurant, it also allows you to reduce the number of cash desks to 30% without any loss of service speed_>




_is an interactive solution, it is made up of software and stationary terminal. It allows customers to place an order by the terminal themselves and pay for it by credit card, without having any contact with a cashier_>

  • significant savings on staff
  • simple and easy to use
  • providing complete and always up to date information on the dishes with beautiful photos
  • possibility to change the interface language
  • comfort of such customer’s order placement increases an average check
  • works as a full-fledged advertising medium in standby mode


_easy and modern interface for the store house control software. Simple and accessible screen used to keep track of food-factory and kitchen-restaurant work. It is installed on the tablet in dish and semi-finished product cooking area and allows you to avoid submitting manual reports on production and to make produced good control easier_>

  • possibility to add production, discarding and transferring documents
  • possibility to mark semi-finished products indicating expiration dates
  • printing of labels and associated documents for expedition
  • integration with weights facilitates registration of produced goods weight
  • possibility to mark products with barcodes before supplying them to the restaurant
  • all data is saved automatically in the storage of Store House control module


KDS and VDU systems – monitors for the kitchen

_VDU is orders visualization system for the kitchen. The order placed at the cashier desk is displayed in the kitchen immediately even before it is paid, and the staff start preparing it right away. This reduces the customer service time significantly_>

Not only are they replacing printer and paper but these products actively increase productivity, quality control, speed of transaction and ultimately better guest satisfaction.

KDS helps control preparation of the product by monitoring dishes that have been ordered, i.e. “appetizer” combined with entree, dessert, etc.

Combining this data with complexity of the dish preparation plus the volume of business of the restaurant, the software will control when product should be made and be picked up.


_allows you to automate the process of production as well as cost price management in your restaurant effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it helps you to organize purchases and to control your employee actions. This module is integrated with r_keeper and 1_C_>

  • High performance of special-purpose server
  • private data base
  • accounting transparency Possibility to track real cost of primary documents regardless of the intermediate accounting point number
  • offseting entry
    Adjustment of negative balances is automatically generated
    by offsetting entries, rather than
    by changing calculation cards
  • low system requirements



_is an individually configurable performance monitoring screen, which allows you to track their dynamics in a convenient manner online.

Analyze the data, track the dynamics of changes over time and quickly manage their deviations from the goals_>

  • access from any device via a convenient web interface
  • simple and convenient monitoring restaurant efficiency indicators
  • constant expansion of widget range

We provide an uninterrupted Technical support in different time zones


_this module is necessary for forming an effective strategy to build up relationships with the guests. It helps to interact with the guests, optimize the costs on special offers and strengthen communication.

Flexible configuration allows you to work both within one restaurant, and within an outlet of different brands and loyalty programs. The best on the market integration with external services of guest relationship management_>


Find out more about UCS solutions for your restaurant in brochure:

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Download ”a comprehensive solution for fast food cafe automatization” Brochure (PDF)