The program is a unique solution for networks and multiplexes and is one of the most popular ticketing systems in Eurasia
UCS-Premiera is a unique solution for networks and multiplexes developed by UCS and is one of the most popular ticketing systems in Eurasia. For example, according to RBC statistics, 95% of seats in Moscow cinemas are sold through UCS-Premiera.

UCS-Premiera enables to:
  • increase ticket sales
  • manage staff effectively
  • facilitate the work of accountants
  • attract more visitors
  • improve customer service

UCS was the first company that provided booking service for tickets through the Internet and SMS on Russian market, the most advanced market where UCS is represented. The solution solves main issues of cinema owners – web data security and the elimination of visitors’ abuse or fraud

Another new product that helps to increase ticket sales is “Premiera-KIOSK”. This is a cinema ticket vending machine similar to ATM that sells strict reporting forms.  It can be placed either at the cinema hall or at the other end of the city.

Today cinemas compete not only with each other, but also with other amusement centers in the city. As a result, it is important to properly organize games areas, cafes and bars in the cinema. Statistics show that concession can bring up to 70% of cinema revenue.

UCS provides software for full management of:

  • Cinema bar (R-Keeper)
  • Simulators for children (Game-Keeper)
  • Bowling (Brunswick)
  • Billiard (Pool Jet)

There is a single discount card for all of these units what makes the cinema more attractive to visitors compared to the other amusement centers, because the single discount card allows customers to get a discount on tickets depending on the check amount in the cinema bar.

UCS-Premiera makes the interaction between ticket cashiers and customers easier. You can place a special plasma screen or LCD (“Customer Screen” module) that displays available seats, film schedule, movie clips and other information that customer may need to know.  Design of plasma screen interface can be tailored to the cinema needs.

Cinema ticket vending machine

cinema-kiosk-400.png Cinema ticket vending machine “Premiera-KIOSK” is a self-service ticket sales station.  It is designed for selling tickets to:
  • Cinemas
  • Stadiums
  • Amusement parks

Customers can use cash, credit or debit cards to purchase tickets.

On the basis of “Premiera-KIOSK” you can create a single urban network for ticket sales to museums, circuses, theaters, water parks and other cultural and sports events.

Advertising can be displayed on the kiosk screen that furthers fast return on investment. If needed, “Premiera-KIOSK” can be customized for top up mobile phones accounts, housing and utilities payments, etc.