The IV UCS company Partner Conference took place

May, 28

Held May, 20-23 in the hotel «Fresh wind», located in Moscow region, the IV UCS company Partner conference took place. The conference takes place in this hospitable place for the second time – the hotel represents a great platform for organizing business events and for outdoor activities. Besides, UCS company is the partner of the hotel “Fresh wind” is automated with Shelter (hotel) and R-Keeper (restaurants), customer service here is high-standard, business processes of accommodation, catering, organizing conferences and banquets function precisely and efficiently.


This year, about 150 people participated in the conference: senior management and leading specialists of UCS company, and representatives of 68 companies official dealers of R-Keeper, Shelter, Game-Keeper, UCS-Premiere, Subscription Manager program solutions from 41 regions in Russian Federation as well as Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan. Integrators from different regions met to get to know the latest developments in hardware and software for hospitality and entertainment industry - R-Keeper, Shelter, Game-Keeper, UCS-Premiere, Subscription Manager, and also to discuss up-to-date issues, related to implementation and support of these systems, to share experience.


UCS company is the leader among Russian developers of automation systems for hospitality and entertainment industry, which improves their program products permanently, offering market operators new technologies for increasing efficiency of business processes and improving the quality of customer service. Many recent developments for automation of restaurants, hotels, cinemas, entertainment and sports centers were demonstrated to UCS dealers at the conference - users of the well-known program products R-Keeper, StoreHouse,Time-Keeper, Delivery, Shelter, Game-Keeper will be able to appreciate new capacities of these systems very soon.


This Partner conference was focused not only on UCS technological solutions and peculiarities of their implementation, but also on the issues of technical training for dealers and the assessment of their competence for providing the highest standard of service for regional clients.


UCS company would like to thank all the dealers, who participated in the IVPartner conference, for functional and creative approach and we hope that the knowledge and experience acquired will help them in the future.