R-Keeper System at Skat restaurant, part of Khazar Islands complex

March, 17

UCS Caspian, UCS company branch office in Azerbaijan, signed a contract with the group of companies AVESTA for Skat restaurant automation. This restaurant, inspired by a huge skate shape, is the first object of a tremendous project Khazar Islands New City. State-of-the-art professional automation system R-Keeper V7 along with electronic menu and waiter’s mobile terminals will be installed at this restaurant.

Group of companies AVESTA is constructing a unique complex Khazar Islands at the artificial archipelago in the Caspian Sea, which does not have any analogues in the world. It will consist of 50 islands of different sizes with the total area of 3000 hectares and 19 residential areas.

The majority of residential houses at the Khazar Islands will be 25-storey ones, and 40-60-storey buildings will be built at some of the islands. The buildings will be 9-score-earthquake-proof. At the Khazar Islands there will be a broad net of social and recreational objects. There will be anything that is required for a todays persons active life – an administrative center, educational and medical institutions, business center, hotels and recreation zones race track, golf club, concert hall, rally and other places for meetings of city elite. They are also planning to build «Formula 1» race track and an airport there. Finally, everything that was mentioned will be crowned with “Azerbaijan Tower”, the highest building in the world (its height is measured up to 1 km). In the future, they are planning to create a system of administrative city management, a city hall, and assigning the name of the city to it.