Subscription Manager in the center for children «LOQOS»

March, 20

UCS Caspian, UCS company branch office in Azerbaijan, automated Children's Therapy Center «LOQOS» in Baku, where the specialists help children with ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis), speech delays, Kanner’s syndrome (also known as infantile autism), locomotor system disorders. For providing little patients with more qualified service, Subscription Manager system was installed in the center.


With the help of Subscription Manager program, there is an opportunity of selling both one-time visits  to specialists such as a speech therapist, psychologist, speech pathologist, physiotherapist, pre-school teacher, etc. and package services, for instance, 10 visits to a pre-school training teacher and  a speech therapist. The schedule of classes is stored in the program, the prices for the services are set there as well, including package ones. In the profile, which is created for each child, you can see his or her medical chart and the results after the classes carried out are also displayed there. 


The center of speech development and correction «LOQOS» represents the team of highly qualified specialists: experienced speech therapists, psychologists, physical therapists, massage therapists. They give classes on a daily basis and offer help and support to small patients from Baku and other cities in Azerbaijan.