R-Keeper System at INTERGASTRA expo in Germany

February, 11

 UCS branch office in Karlsruhe, Germany, participated in InterGastra, the leading Trade Fair for Innovative Gastronomy in German-speaking region. It was held in Stuttgart at the very beginning of February.

The drive to try out the new things and solutions and to promote itself as an innovative trade fair for the gastronomy sector. This is what has earned INTERGASTRA the top spot among the German-speaking gastronomy trade fairs. That is why the director of our German branch office, Aleksandar Sergiev, took the opportunity as an exhibitor to benefit from this renowned platform.

Sergiev.png“Over the past three years the restaurant business in Germany has been growing at a steady pace. I feel that in the next couple of years  fast food will increase in the German market and it excites me because R-keeper has so many functions that can help improve the efficiency of fast food industry”, - Aleksandar Sergiev said.

R-Keeper system is definitely being developed, updated and new solutions are being worked out. So far UCS can offer the following solutions for fast food industry:

  • Line busting - it is based on order taking while in the queue by means of portable terminals and it allows to increase visitor capacity in the restaurant
  •            Second screen – it displays full information about the order and it has an additional field for launching advertising clips

  • Electronic queue - the customer places an order and pays for it in one window while in the other one he or she just picks up the already assembled order
  • Menu boards – with their help the menu that is output to LCD screens can be changed depending on the time of the day, also advertising clips with special offers and other marketing information can be shown
All these new program products were exhibited by German branch office during INTERGASTRA and were met with great approval. Such feedback encourages UCS company and its offices to keep evolving over and over again.