R_keeper in France: Network Project Automation

February, 27

Ĺhe Pepper Grill chain restaurant was automated in Shell, the provinces of Seine and Marne.  Thanks to the work of dealers from France, Alexandru Teodoru, a modern, seventh version of the r_keeper program was introduced, as well as a module for the institution's effective work, r_keeper_KDS.

Pepper Grill restaurant is a network project and includes four establishments.  Guests and residents of France can enjoy burgers, cook their own steak on the grill or order a dish from the chef.  Many guests have already appreciated the quality of service and the modern atmosphere of the restaurant, an extensive menu and special offers for children.

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The r_keeper_7 program installed by dealers in France, Alexandru Teodoru, helps maintain the unique atmosphere of the establishment and the high level of service.  The modularity of this system allows you to solve almost any business problem: keep a complete record in the establishment, monitor the restaurant, provide an individual approach to each guest, and also provide the most necessary reports in a timely manner.  With the help of the established program, the restaurant’s work has been improved, the speed of guest service has been increased, and the management of the powers of employees at the cash desk has been organized.

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Monitors for cooks - r_keeper_KDS were installed in the kitchen for transmit the accepted order and operational preparation.

Kitchen Display System technology is actually a replacement for service printing, when you enter an order, all information is automatically displayed on the monitor and visible to the kitchen staff.  This solution allows not only faster preparation of the order, but also, thanks to reports in the r_keeper system, to optimize the cooking time.

Given the specifics of the business, the dealers of France have also been selected and installed the necessary equipment for the effective operation of the establishment.