Geography of business development: automation of a restaurant chain in Tunisia

January, 28

SGR Ste el Ghali de Restauration Corporation, which includes projects such as "Baguette and Baguette" and "Papa Jones", has decided to automate the popular fast food chain HOBO CHICKEN TRIP. The modern program r_keeper installed by UCS dealers –  JBM Technologies was chosen as a management system.

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The international fastfood restaurant chain HOBO CHICKEN TRIP in Tunisia specializes in cooking chicken dishes, observing all quality standards.  These are establishments where you can buy takeaway food or enjoy them in a cafe: french fries, salads, various snacks and drinks.

The modern program r_keeper was selected to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality service.

The program helps to carry out the effective work of the establishment  and make your stay in it truly comfortable.

So, thanks to UCS dealers - the company JBM Technologies, the work of HOBO CHICKEN TRIP has been improved, the speed of guest service has increased significantly, which allows not only to maintain a high level of service at all stages of work, but also to ensure the growth of a constant flow of guests.

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Previously, the r_keeper program has already been installed on two network objects, and automation of five more points is planned in the near future.  In the future, all HOBO CHICKEN TRIP establishments will completely switch to r_keeper software.

 Today, the r_keeper system is a popular program in Tunisia, which provides the whole range of automation in the HoReCa industry.