Exhibition in Austria

November, 28

Active autumn period of exhibitions and events on HoReCa held abroad. For example, in Austria, Salzburg, from 9 to 13 November, held a large exhibition - Alles fur den Gast-Herbst 2019 – international exhibition of hotel and restaurant business, where our dealers - company UCS RKeepeR GMBH - told about novelties in the restaurant business, software solutions, helped to choose the necessary functionality for business owners.

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This year the event was attended by 46,000 people, including the guests were from Germany. The exhibition was announced on the latest trends, modern solutions and interesting proposals for restaurateurs.

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Thanks for involvement, active participation and promotion of the brand r_keeper!

See you at the next exhibition Sirha Horeca Expo, which will be held in Hungary, Budapest, in the period from 04.02.2020 for 06.02.2020.

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