French hospitality: r_keeper in one of the gastronomic countries

July, 2
In a small French village located north central of France in Gometz-la-Ville recently was automated a new restaurant the Black Rock Events. Due to the good work of our French dealer - Entrepreneur Alexandru Teodoru, a modern newest version of r_keeper system was integrated into the restaurant.

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The “Black Rock Events” is located in a southern suburbs of Paris in Gometz-la-Ville. The restaurant has a “twin brother” in Romania, which was designed by the same architect. The concept of the restaurant is – specials events (like weddings). The menu offers French cuisine based on variety of cheese.

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In order to automate the business processes in the restaurant our dealer from France - Entrepreneur Alexandru Teodoru, installed a modern professional management system r_keeper_ 7. With this program the work system of the restaurant was improved, the speed of guest’s service has been increased and the work of employees at the cash deck has been properly organized. 
Due to r_keeper_7 program there is a high level of service in the “Black Rock Events” restaurant and all guests feel there really comfortable and enjoy their time.