r_keeper automated the Global event FIFA

June, 27
From 14th of June till 15th of July in Russia took place the most expected Global event for all football fans.


For the first time in the history of the world Championships the Event of this level was held in our country. The event took place in both sides of our country at the same time - in European part and in Asian part. The play off went through 11 cities on 12 stadiums: Moscow (“Luzhniki”, “Spartak”), St. Petersburg (“Zenit Arena”), Kazan (“Kazan Arena”), Sochi (“Fisht”), Ekaterinburg (“Centralniy”), Samara (“Samara Arena”), Rostov-na-Donu (“Rostov Arena”), Kaliningrad (“Kaliningrad Arena”), Saransk (“Mordovia Arena”), Volgograd (“Volgograd Arena”). 7 stadiums we built especially for FIFA world Championship, the rest of them were renovated.

More than 2 million football fans who visited Russia were admired by the country and were very pleased by the great organization of the Championship.

Due to the active participation of the UCS company (r_keeper brand) its dealers it was possible to ensure the smooth operation of the power points.

R_keeper program helped to provide the service to the football fans quickly and with a good quality in all cities where the Championship took place. Due to the complex preparation and well-coordinated work, we managed to carry out all 64 matches minimizing appeals related to software and equipment, because in each city there was a team of best r_keeper specialists who supported the work of the system 24/7 within a month.

UCS company would like to thank LLC “ArendaFoodc” for confidence and especially wants to say thank you to our dealers:
UCS “Service” – Moscow
UCS “SPB Soft” – St. Petersburg
“Integro” company – Kazan
“Technology of success” – Sochi and Rostov-na-Donu
“Datacrat” – Ekaterinburg and Samara
Company “Stark” – Saransk
Company “Tradiciya” – Volgograd
“Gorod Delovoy” – Nizhniy Novgorog
CTO “ASSAR” - Kaliningrad   

We are proud of our product, our team and our professionals who have become a part of the global event.