R-Keeper system and Formula 1 races

November, 3

At the end of October a significant sports event took place in Sochi – 2014 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix. As well as the Olympics, the races attracted a lot of guests – team players and numerous fans.  


For organizing public catering at the territory of Sochi Park, where the race track lay, multiple restaurants, cafes and the kitchen for their servicing were opened. All these establishments were automated using up-to-date professional management system R-Keeper v7. 



The system installed helps control all the processes of public catering enterprise functioning, starting with waitstaff’s work and up to operating the kitchen. For automating public catering objects, involved in both sports events, around 70 R-Keeper terminals were installed. 


The key moments for installing were the following: servicing a customer at the cash terminal should not exceed 1 minute per person, providing maximum saving of cashier’s workplace, using minimum quantity of peripherals, integration with terminals for cashless payment. R-Keeper v7 cashier’s module on the basis of tablet PC brilliantly managed them.


The peculiarity of automating a mobile kitchen trailer consists in all the processes of this object’s functioning are controlled by automation system on the basis of StoreHouse software – starting with arrival of raw materials to the storage, control of preparing semi-processed products and their labeling up to transferring ready semi-processed products at the realization point and inventory of all stock residues. For reducing time, spent on receipt, transfer, production, writing-off and inventory of products and semi-processed products, portable data collectors, integrated with StoreHouse software were used. It helped increase the speed of employees’ work and make creating an invoice of any type in StoreHouse program easier – at just one click. Implementation of this technology allowed to get utterly transparent warehouse account and maximum control of mobile kitchen trailer functioning.