New technology in R-Keeper system for concept restaurants

November, 11

UCS company developed technology of sending messages to waiters’ mobile devices from R-Keeper management system for full service restaurants. This technology is an up-to-date replacement for the outdated paging technology. Instead of two-line pagers, which have already become a thing of the past, budget smart phone models on the basis of Android OS are used as a receiving device, which allows to eliminate restrictions on the length of received text messages and to provide more up-to-date format of receiving messages – voice messages via hands-free. 

Technology of prompt notification for waiters from R-Keeper system is realized on the basis of budget smart phone Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y. Waiters use the mobile device for receiving text messages from the manager, kitchen, customers.  


With the implementation of the system of sending messages to waiters in the restaurant, technical maintenance of the work process goes up to a new level.

The manager, without going to the hall, can send any text message to the waiter from the manager’s computer. This message can have any length.

The kitchen informs the waiter about ready orders in a timely manner. Message sending is carried out automatically after the cook marks the order as ready in KDS system. The format of sent message is standard “The order n is ready” (where n is order number).

Use of prompt waiters’ notification in combination with the devices “Waiter call button” on the tables releases from the necessity of looking for a waiter, drawing his or her attention to the table. The format of the message sent via Waiter call button is standard “Come up to table n” (where n is the number of the table, from which the call was made). The customers can also send a message to the waiter from their smart phones via Virtual card Personal profile or from their tablet PCs with electronic menu RK-Order, if these technologies are used in the restaurant. The message can be of any length.

The waiter gets information about dishes being ready or other service messages via Wi-Fi almost instantly. Message receipt in standard mode is accompanied with a tone or a melody as well as a vibration. If needed, tone and vibration can be turned off. It is very convenient to use hands-free, in such cases a message received will be said out loud to the waiter via headphones. Such a type of information receipt does not distract the waiter from the work process, releasing them from the necessity of looking at the device display in order to read a message. Standard Bluetooth hands-free can be used.

The waiter can delete the message from the display with just one click. However, all the messages sent are kept in the system in chronological sequence and in case if there is a conflict situation, they can be easily checked.  

Technology of sending messages to waiters’ mobile devices is irreplaceable when there are big distances between the hall, the kitchen, the bar and the office or when there are several halls or halls with complicated configuration. Its use allows to enhance efficiency of cooperation between different restaurant services, to decrease time consumption for staff communication, to increase the speed and the level of customer service.