R-Keeper System in Bulgarian chain of confectioneries Papaya

July, 21

UCS company’s branch office in Bulgaria has been successfully implementing UCS program products for hospitality industry automation for 14 years in the capital of the country and all over the territory of Bulgaria.

One of the latest successfully accomplished projects is automation of confectionery chain “Papaya”, which numbers 11 establishments, located in different regions of Sofia.


For the purposes of efficient working process management, outdated software there has been replaced with up-to-date professional restaurant management system R-Keeper. StoreHouse system has been implemented for warehouse automation.

Professional management system R-Keeper is popular with Bulgarian restaurateurs. On the one hand, it allows to successfully control and enhance efficiency of the working process and, on the other hand, it makes staff’s work considerably easier, it contributes to quality improvement and to speeding up customer service, which many visitors of Papaya confectioneries have already  evaluated.